Welcome at VU Lights

Experience what VU Lights can do for you

Welcome at VU Lights

Experience what VU Lights can do for you
Wholesale for lighting products, fixtures and associated accessories.
Supplying mainly to businesses, installers and retail.
Lighting plan development and installation for sustainable lighting.
Large network in EU and beyond, resulting in competitive prices. Reliability, long-term relationship and quality are our key factors.

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Project lighting

Lighting in a project is becoming increasingly important. This is reflected in the reduction of energy costs and the digital control of the lighting. High quality and good communication with the architect and consultant are indispensable. We like to work “at eye level” with all parties involved in a project. By making light calculations and advising on the right lighting, we ensure that we always coordinate the expectations of all those involved.

As of 1 January 2023, each office building must have a minimum energy label C. This means a primary fossil energy consumption of up to 225 kWh per m2 per year. 






Available from stock with a high discount. All prices are exclusive of VAT.

Philips LED T8 600mm 8W/4000K 800 lumen G13 - Set van 4 stuk

Philips LED Spot - 50W/2700K - GU5.3 – Warm Wit - Set van 2 stuks

Philips Led Paneel RC060B LED32S/830 Warm wit -

Philips LEDINAIRE Paneel surface SM060C LED32S/830 - W20L120

Philips Enif inbouwspot - Mat Chroom/Zilver - 50W - Inclusief Philips GU10 spots

Philips Enif inbouwspot - Wit - 50W - Inclusief GU10 Philips spots

Philips myLiving inbouwspot Chrome/Zilver – Inclusief Philips GU10 spots

E27 Led lamp bulb 8.6W (60W) 4000K Kool Wit

Voordeelbundel GU10 Led lamp bulb Wit 4.8W (55W) 380lumen – 4000K Neutraal wit licht.

Voordeelbundel E14 Led lamp bulb Wit 4W (40W) 470lumen – 2700K Warm Wit

Ledvance LED Downlight ALU - DN200 25W 2370lm 100D


Ledvance Panel Compact Led Panel 33W 840 UGR19 120x30cm

Siteco Apollon® 41 LED Paneel 12W/4000K ALU

Siteco MONSUN ® 41 120° 33W/4000K 4000LM - IP65 1200mm

Siteco Highbay 42-L 28000LM 90° 840, AC IP65

Siteco Wall Luminaire RONDEL 41 - 830/840 2300LM 22W 330mm ML

Siteco Wall Luminaire RONDEL 21 - 18W/4000K 1800LM IP40

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